First Post!


Fashion and style lovers, welcome to my new blog Custom Made Character! I previously had a blog under the same name but with a different blogging site, however a lot of my content just disappeared!? So I thought I would give Word Press a go.

My name is Georgia-Rose, I’m 19 years old and will be starting a Fashion Styling degree in September, my love for all things fashion started at a very young age. I would design clothes in my sketchbooks and make outfits for my dolls, I also started modelling from the age of 5, so this really nurtured my love for fashion and styling. I now have an A-level in Textiles, experience of working in a jewellery design house in London and most recently working with designer and stylist Joey Bevan as his fashion intern assistant, working on his collection for The Coronation Festival!

I’ve been very lucky and have met some great people and learnt invaluable lessons on my journey so far and I have created this blog to share my journey with you, hope you enjoy!

Georgia x.


2 thoughts on “First Post!

  1. Hi Georgia-rose, your beautiful!

    I really look forward to further blog posts from you.

    Nice Intro blog! I’ll comment again soon 🙂


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