Experimenting with hair colour sprays!

Hi all! 

Today’s post is giving you a bit of an insight into what I’ve been getting up to in my hair and makeup styling classes at uni recently! Usually I hate mornings, especially Monday mornings! (Who doesn’t!?) But walking into my hair styling lesson and seeing an array of colour sprays, hair chalks, hair stencils and all sorts I knew it was going to be a good morning! We were given a demonstration on a few techniques we could use but was told to be creative and just basically go wild with it! Perfect! Of course I went straight for the colour sprays and hair stencils. The sprays we used were by Kryolan, they are literally called ‘Colour Spray’ and you can get these at any Charles Fox store and they come in lots of great colours. I would really recommend this product especially to style hair on a photo shoot and the colour washes out very easily. Here’s the link to the product: http://global.kryolan.com/product/color-spray#D21


Below is the final result of my experimentation using colours D21 (silver) fading into colour D23 (gold) 





And of course I got my hair done too, blue ends! These sprays are just great for experimenting with colour on your hair aswell as for editorial photo shoots!





Georgia :* ❤ xox


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