Charity Shop Haul!!!

Hi guys!

So this is my first ever ‘haul’ post, so of course it’s got to be a charity shop haul! My obsession with charity shops has slowly grown over the years for three reasons…

Reason 1: I am poor…

Reason 2: I am a student and I am poor…

Reason 3: You can find some amazing gems and almost replicas of pieces in high street stores for a tiny fraction of the price!

So I set of to my local town to change my cash into euros for my holiday to Majorca! (See one of my previous posts for wonderfully cheap holiday high street bargains!) And my mum saw a pretty floral dress in the window of Scope charity shop, so we went in for her to try it on! Whilst I was waiting I couldn’t help but have a look around and I’m glad I did, I found some great little pieces that will be perfect to add to my holiday/Summer wardrobe!

So first of all I found these cute little sheer tank tops, perfect for day or evening and a great material to wear on holiday when it’s going to be so warm! At just £2.00 each! Then whilst rummaging through the rails i was lucky enough to find a lush white peplum skirt (which I have been wanting for some time) for £3.00! And just as I was about to pay A beautiful bright blue top caught my eye in the corner of the shop. And to my surprise it was from River Island, and in great condition! Perfect for a night out on holiday! Here are some pictures of me wearing my charity shop finds. (Sorry for the bad picture quality!)

photo (16) photo 1 photo (10)

So there you have it! My first charity shop haul post and it just goes to show that sometimes you don’t need to spend so much on that perfect tee or skirt when there’s charity shops waiting to be rummaged!

I’d love to know if you’ve found any gem buys at charity stores or if theres any particularly great charity shops to go to, let me know in the comments! Share the lovee 😀

Peaceeeeee! xo.


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