Charles Fox Masterclass Marathon Weekend

So last weekend saw the return of the annual Charles Fox marathon masterclass weekend! I was especially super excited as last year I was watching the event and this year I was lucky enough to be assisting stylist Joey Bevan backstage! From helping take care of the models, dressing the models, to assisting on stage demos it got pretty hectic sometimes, but all so worth it such an amazing event to be a part of! Now the event is  two days long and is a marathon of makeup, body art and special effects demonstrations by some of the industries most talked about talents! Here’s some snaps of the backstage and onstage action!

10562534_10203618604498341_6780259275967009519_o 10580957_10203618654899601_5134849992145703885_o

10504772_10203618607578418_2186157677731490472_o 10553680_10203618606378388_3112741250952531683_o

And here’s some of my favourite looks from over the weekend!

10499484_10203618651379513_486353861762609725_o 10544767_10203618641259260_604104753483904077_o 10562722_10203618625258860_7395189601513260384_o 10582907_10203618635859125_3921214734816973032_o 10583012_10203618621138757_2200041848482477288_o 10608193_10203618651419514_5206409627699045119_o 10479870_10203618649619469_1861495391007868318_o

I hope you all enjoyed my post and are feeling inspired to go and create some out of this world makeup looks yourself! Please take the time to rate/comment/follow thank-you! 🙂 Georgia x0


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