7 Questions with…

Im lucky enough to work as one of Mr Bevan’s assistants and its such an honour! I get to help out on some pretty amazing projects and meet some pretty amazing people. I’m constantly inspired! Check out his 7 question interview with Rion magazine 🙂


Celebrity Stylist and Designer Joey Bevan

7. Joey, how would you define your sense of style?

My personal style is very casual really with a vintage twist, people always say I look French haha!

6. You have worked with a number of huge profile clients, who was your first and how did you approach this?

I think the first huge profile person I had the pleasure to make a bespoke dress from vegetables to present to HRH prince Charles! I’ve met him three times now and he is such a lovely man!

5. Are you working on a new collection, and what can we expect to see from this?

Well I’m currently about to set off on a big adventure/ secret project! Which I should be able to tell the world soon!!!! So collection is on hold this season but I have made some cool pieces for this exciting project!

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