Fancy Dress Party OOTD!

Hey lovelies!

Sorry for the delay in what was meant to be yesterdays post, but I seem to have misplaced my camera (typical me) so I don’t have all the photos for my Halloween ‘creepy doll’ tutorial! 😦 However here is a quick post to keep you going until I hopefully find my camera and put a post up tomorrow! Just in time for a little last minute Halloween make up inspiration  🙂

So Saturday was my friends 21st birthday party and the best kind of parties are always fancy dress! I love fancy dress parties, a time for you to dress up as your favourite character/celebrity. Take a rest from being your fabulous self for the night and be whoever you want to be! And my alter ego for the night was BATWOMAN! A strong, independent, crime fighting woman. Girl Power! Haha This was one of the reasons I decided I wanted to be Batwoman, that and the fact that I have no money and this was a costume my mum already had! Its all about recycling clothes!

My lovely sister was good enough to treat me to getting my makeup done for the party, which I’m always more than appreciative of as she’s great armed with a few brushes and some simple makeup. I unfortunately didn’t get any close ups of the makeup as I wasn’t planning to do a post on it. Although I did get some mid shots, where you can see the eye makeup quite well as it’s so dark and strong. So here are the few photos I managed to snap…Let me know what you think of the outfit and makeup and I would love to see any of your own fancy dress pics and especially fancy dress makeup looks! You could also use this look for Halloween if you want to go for something not so scary and a bit more sexy!

Mwah! Xo

Inspiration for my Batwoman eye makeup

Mid length
batwoman full
Full outfit

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