Post update and exciting announcement!

Hi everyone!

This is just going to be a brief update post. First of all I’d like to thank you for your patience with me! Following up from my previous Bat Woman fancy dress post I planned to do a creepy doll make up tutorial just in time for Halloween. But I travelled back home from uni for the weekend  and left my camera at home, after i’d spent hours recording my make up tutorial 😦 But as soon as I get my camera back I promise i’ll put it up straight away. So you can use it as inspiration for your next fancy dress party costume!

I also have an exciting announcement to make, I’m going to be starting my own vlogging channel! I’m hoping to be doing my first video sometime this month! It will be linked to my blog and i’ll be doing one blog post and one vlog a week 🙂 And of course my videos will be on all things fashion and beauty! So yeah, im super excited to start vlogging and i’ll be posting my vlogs on my Facebook page and some on my blog too 🙂

I’ll be posting again tomorrow so keep checking back

Much love!

Georgia-Rose xo.


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