D.I.Y Christmas Stocking Lip Scrub (5 MINS!)

Festive greetings!

Yes the big day is drawing closer and if you’re stuck for some easy, handmade Christmas pressie ideas then I’ve got something for you! I was looking for some inspiration on Pinterest and found some surprisingly easy beauty gifts. So I’ve put my own little twist on one of the recipes I found. And the best thing is it takes 5 minutes (including prep!) And you’ve probably got everything you need to make it in your cupboard already!

So to make your own festive lip scrub you will need:

*A small bowl

*1 tablespoon of sugar

*1 tablespoon of olive oil

*1 tablespoon of honey

*1 teaspoon of vanilla extract (optional)

*1 teaspoon of strawberry extract (optional)

*Small screw lid jar/s for storage

(These ingredients make enough lip scrub for one person, adjust the measurements depending on how many people you are making for!)

The steps:

1) Mix together your honey and sugar in a small bowl

2) Then add in the olive oil and mix well

3) Add in any flavour extracts that take your fancy and mix well. (I used vanilla and strawberyy extract!)

4) Scoop the desired amount into a small screw lid jar and store at room temperature. You could even decorate your jar 🙂

Here’s what mine looked like!

photo (56) photo (55)

And you’re DONE! It’s that simple, its shouldn’t really take you no more than 5 minutes. The perfect, quick and easy Christmas stocking filler! You can also add any food colouring to your lip scrub, pink, blue, green, or why not multi coloured! (I’m not entirely sure if that would work, but you could give it a go!) I don’t have mine stored in jars yet as I was just so eager to make it! But I will be getting some jars tomorrow and I will put up some pictures of the finished product into this post and on my Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/custommadecharacter?ref=hl. Please give my page a like to keep up to date with my latest posts etc! I will be posting more quick thrifty handmade Christmas gift ideas in the lead up to Christmas so keep checking back!

Happy making!

Georgia-Rose oXo


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