My long weekend in Dublin!

Hi beautiful people!

So first and foremost I just want to quickly say that I’ve decided I will now also be writing up lifestyle posts on my blog, aswell as fashion and beauty. Which will give you an insight into what I like to get up to in my spare time, my favourite places to go and so on! I know it’s said that you should kind of just stick to one niche so you have a focused audience, but I’m definitely still going to stay true to myself and my usual blogging style, I just feel its time for a change and a little variety never hurt nobody! 🙂 So that’s why I’ve decided to do this write up of my trip to Dublin. I had an amazing time and I’d love to share my experience with you guys!

So I went to Dublin to celebrate mine and my aunts birthdays (I’M 21 NOW!!! AHHH SCARY!) And of course to celebrate St Patrick’s day! It was a bit random, I’ve always wanted to go there but I didn’t think I’d go any time soon to be honest. I’m so glad my aunt asked me if I wanted to go though, because Dublin is a beautiful city and there is just so much to do and the good vibes are simply infectious!  Our flight was early Sunday morning at about 6:30, but this was one time I didn’t mind getting up so early! So here’s what I got up to…


First thing we did when we got to the airport was purchase a Hop on Hop off bus ticket which was about 20/25 Euros I think, for two days unlimited travel on their tour buses! This includes a live tour guide on the bus and a free guided walk, if you’re going Dublin I’d recommend this, it was a great way to see the city! That night we set off to the very popular tourist area Temple Bar and settled at a pub called St John’s Goggarty’s! We planned on going around to a few pubs but although it was a very expensive pub the atmosphere was second to none! We met some pretty cool people and the in house live Irish music was amazing. We stayed at O’Sheas which was a good choice on my aunts behalf..the staff were so friendly and the bar downstairs had a great atmosphere! And it was in the Dublin City centre, so would 100% recommend.

I wont go through my day to day, or it could become a very long winded post as I like to ramble on! So I’ll just get to a couple of main points of interest on my visit…

  • If you’re into archaeology and Egyptian history like me, the National Archaeology museum of Ireland is the place to go. There’s a calender and list of their events and exhibitions on their website here >>>
  • If you fancy taking in the scenery and getting close to nature you MUST go to Pheonix Park! I got up close to feed a huge herd of deer, that were freely roaming the largest unfenced park in Europe, it was a pretty cool experience and there’s a cute little cafe there too and Dublin’s zoo also! Which I didn’t but kind of wish I did…
  • I had immense silly fun at the Irish dance festival, a huge crowd gathered in the street to watch world class Irish dancer perform and learn some steps themselves. It was crazy to be part of a crowd of hundreds dancing and jumping around like lunatics in the middle of the road (do not try this at home!!)
  • Lastly the St Patrick’s day parade, soo I think this is quite possibly the only acceptable occasion to start drinking Rose wine at 12 in the afternoon and carry on until 12 that night… It was a colourful array of craziness, I don’t even know what some of the parade floats were…but who cares!? There were great vibes, music and people!

And in terms of Dublin night life, there’s so much about, I wouldn’t say one particular place is the best to go, I think it’s just whatever floats your boat…Temple Bar area is great, but very touristy and a bit pricey, so if you want to go somewhere with a slightly more authentic Irish vibe, stick to the pubs on the outskirts!

So that concludes my Dublin Diary Post, sorry it was a bit long winded, I cut it down as much as I could! Wish I could of gone more in depth. If you have any questions about Dublin, maybe if you’re going there, feel free to leave them in the comments section and I’ll get back to you 🙂 Star rate my post and subscribe to me on WordPress for regular post updates!

Love as always!




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