My Summer Beauty Go To’s!

Hiiyaa! So today I’m going to be sharing with you my top five beauty go to products to keep myself feeling in tip top condition, in this sizzling Summer heat!

  1. So first up of course is the favourite of many beauty bloggers, Batiste Dry Shampoo. The one I’m using at the moment is called ‘pretty and opulent oriental.’ It has a nice fresh flowery scent to it. And of course is commonly used in between hair washes, but is also brilliant if your hair needs a little volume spruce up without the hassle of back-combing and hairspray. I always have a few different ones stockpiled depending on what scent I fancy using.
  2. My signature scent this summer (and last summer…) is Hollister’s Solana Beach body mist. I absolutely love its fresh flowery scent. And because its a mist it’s super refreshing in the summer heat!
  3. It’s so important to keep your face hydrated throughout the Summer months especially, as your skin can become prone to dry skin. Especially in the UK, when one minute its cool and raining and the next its hotter than Ibiza…So I always make sure to keep my skin hydrated with Boots essentials cucumber moisturising cream. I use it religiously once in the morning before applying any make-up and again of an evening after cleansing my face. 
  4. Talking about cleansing….Garnier’s Micellar Water is the only cleanser I’m using at the moment and it has become my firm favourite! I had heard all the hype about all these different cleansing micellar waters and after trying out Garnier’s one, I can definitely see why. It’s not as harsh on your skin as most cleansers/toners are as it contains no perfume. It cleanses and tones all in one go leaving your face refreshed and smooth to the touch.
  5. And my final go to product of the summer is VO5’s Smoothly does it curl defining mousse. It’s been my star product of the Summer, as I always have such an issue with frizzy hair! My hair is naturally wavy/loosely curly, but also can be very frizzy, even more so in the warmer months, so just by applying a handful of this mousse to my towel dried hair, ensures pretty much zero frizz and it really helps define my naturally wavy/curly hair. Which means I don’t have to use heated appliances on my hair such as curlers and hairdryers half as much as I used to! However if you prefer your hair on the straighter side, just apply a handful through your hair and 

And that’s it for my Summer beauty go to’s! Next week I’ll be sharing what my go to make-up products are for this Summer! I would love to hear your feedback in the comments section on what your favourite go to beauty products are this Summer and I’ll be sure to give them a test out for myself!

Georgia-Rose Xoxo.


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