Magnet Look Launch Event!

Hi lovelies!

I’ve been super duper busy over the past week hence the lack of posting! And as much as I wish I could share my trip to Dorset, I’ll have to put that on hold for a future post, as its all a little bit secretive at the moment! All I will tell you is I was assisting an incredibly talented creative team for 3 days for a couple of magazine submissions!

Anyway, moving on to today’s post…A brief overview of my day at Magnet Look’s Launch event in London! This event was the first industry event I have ever been personally invited to! So very excited I set off to Liverpool street to the Andaz Hotel where the days event was being held. The day was to launch the new platform Magnet Look which is a platform for bloggers and industry creatives to upload and watch videos, images, your own blog posts and even buy the products you see featured all on one site. It’s a really great platform, I think it’s definitely going to be popular with bloggers especially as it’s such a great place to get inspired so if you’re interested here’s the link to sign up!

The days schedule was filled with networking, talks from people who work in the industry, and lots and lots of cute little cakes…It was great to meet some other bloggers as that’s something I haven’t been able to do until this point. Here’s some snaps I took throughout the day!

Before the Magnet Look event
Before the event
On arrival…
Networking with bloggers 🙂

Also make sure to check out Magnet Looks and Rasida’s blog posts from the event which I’m featured in! 🙂

New post coming tomorrow on my recent end of season bargains!

Love Georgia! 😀 xoxo


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