Blog Relaunch!

First and foremost today is the day I relaunch my blog Custom Made Character. Why? Because admittedly, I haven’t been consistently active on my blog for a while and I feel it just needs an overhaul to reignite my passion for blogging! I am excited to announce I will be posting new content as well as my existing fashion and beauty posts I will be writing about more lifestyle posts including book and film reviews and any post requests are more than welcome, just leave a comment in the comments section down below and I’ll do my best to get round to posting about it! 🙂 My blog theme is still under construction, as I want to make it perfect so thank-you for bearing with me whilst I redesign it! 😀

I’m going to kickstart my blog relaunch with my first instalment of a behind the scenes  look at my first two weeks working on the new tv talent show ‘Stage.’ I’ve been lucky enough to be assistant wardrobe director to Joey Bevan for the duration of the live shows. This includes prepping and pulling looks for each of the contestants each week and styling and dressing them for their live performances.

A bit about the show – ‘Stage’ is a new tv talent show which airs on Persian tv channel ‘Manoto’ every Thursday and Friday. With 16 (now 12) contestants competing for to win.

Each week I will be posting a few exclusive behind the scenes pictures on set and keeping you all updated on the latest gossip! For now take a peak at a few cheeky behind the scenes pics from the last two weeks on set…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Here’s the link to the shows official website, where you can also watch the live shows every Thursday and Friday!

Subscribe to my blog and keep checking back for more updates as the show progresses! 🙂

Until next week..

Custom Made Character xoxo


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