Logo Launch!

Hey guys! So after running my blog part time since its start a couple of years back I have decided to get into it full time. I’ve decided this as my degree is coming to an end and its a great platform for me to showcase my skills and act as a portfolio for me. And its also great to get to show you all behind the scenes of what I’m getting up to! So to kick off the start of my full-time blogging is the launch of my blogs new logos!

So, the first logo will be used on my blog and the second one will be used for business purposes, such as business cards, cv etc. As I’m super busy with uni work and everything in between the awesome Abbi Adeniyi created the logos for me, so big thank-you to her!

General logo CMC

Moving GIF Image - CMC

As you can see her work is awesome and she was super quick and friendly, so if you have any business enquiries about some graphics you may need creating for yourself, please feel free to contact her at a.adeniyi@live.co.uk .

Check back on Custom Made Character later on tonight for another post on my family day trip to London yesterday! And I’d love to know in the comments section what sort of posts you’d like to see on my blog and/or any specific requests! 🙂




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