A Break In – Somerset

Apologies for the lack of posting, but lucky me got a break! (No it wasn’t Ibiza…as much as would have loved it to have been!) But to tell you the truth I’m really glad my mum booked us a week away in Somerset, it’s really opened my eyes up to the beauty of England (yes, really.)

A lot of people don’t know this but I’m actually quite an outdoorsy person. I lovee camping, hikes and crazy hands on adventures! So you can imagine my excitement when I found out we would be doing plenty of that in Somerset. Although, one slight hitch..I’ve always wanted to go caving but am so so claustrophobic. Despite deciding against it, my mum booked me in to explore two caves with them…I did it! Despite my reservations and fears it wasn’t as scary as I thought it would be. And it was one of the most breathtaking moments of my life. I’ll link some photos below to show you the caves but nothing can compare to the beauty of these to the naked eye.

I got up to so much whilst I was away that it would take forever to write a post on it, so instead i’ll just show you…

DAY 1 – Bath Town Centre / Cathedral Visit

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DAY 2 – Visiting Cheddar / Gough’s Cave / Hiking Cheddar Gorge

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DAY 3 – Wookey Hole Caves

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DAY 4 – Stonehenge / Sailsbury Catherdral

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“You know all those things you want to do, you should do them.”

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Sunny Days Away: Brighton

Last month I visited Brighton to stay with my friend Molly for a few days. Technically this was the second time I’d visited Brighton, but I feel the first time doesn’t really count, as it was only for half a day and it was a college trip…This time I really got to experience the Brighton culture and lifestyle and I fell very much in love!

From the moment I stepped off of the coach after a positively awful delayed 7 hour coach journey I instantly felt a sense of relief and happiness overcome me. The fresh sea air and the beach view tricked my mind into thinking I was in another country for a moment! I met Molly and we grabbed some doughnuts and set on a walk down the infamous Brighton pier. That night I was overwhelmed by the choice of places we could go to on a Thursday night, we decided to just go for a few drinks and have a big night out Friday… but very quickly things escalated andd we ended up in a restaurant at 5:30 in the morning sharing a vegetarian pizza to try and soak up the alcohol!

Feeling fragile to say the least the next day, we warily crawled out of bed and made our way to ‘The Lanes.’ An area of narrow streets filled with cute, little independent shops and businesses.Β I wished I had infinite money, because every single vintage and second store I went into I wanted to buy it out! It was heaven!

Purchased these cute accessories in Brighton Lanes
Purchased these cute accessories in Brighton Lanes

Unaware walking through the lanes, I looked up and jumped out of my skin with excitement when I realised I was standing outside of the famous ‘Choccywoccydodah’ chocolate shop! If you dont know what on earth this is then you’re missing out! Its an awesome chocolaterie based in Brighton with its own tv show even! It’s become so successful that it now has multiple stores across the Uk. So anyway, I had a field day in there….Then as if we hadn’t learnt our lesson already, we walked down to the seafront, and ordered a jug of sex on the beach, of course! And that night we wandered to a few small bars for a slightly more tame evening.

Unfortunately Saturday came and it was time to go home, but I made the most of every minute before my coach arrived and spent the day wandering through the quirky, art filled streets and reading Mockingjay on the beach and eating ice-cream, lots of ice-cream…

I’d love to know what your favourite things to do/places to go in Brighton are in the comments section, as I’m definitely planning on going back soon!

Love Georgia Xoxo