V FEST 16′ Plus Big Blog Announcement!


V Festival 2016 was pretty crazy…My first time camping at a festival so I was pretty nervous! It wasn’t smooth sailing I’ll be honest! But it was one hell of a weekend! My main reasoning for buying the ticket was Justin Bieber (queue boo’s) Sia and Rihanna performing. Firstly I will just personally shut down the rumour Biebs was miming, I don’t want to be controversial or anything…Yes he did have a backing track (like most artists I saw that day did) and yes he did talk a fair bit, but I feel like he was really trying to connect with the audience and that makes a nice change from some artists who just perform then walk of the stage. I’ve seen him in concert quite a few times and he usually has a backing track as he dances quite a bit, so any awkward silence’s are avoided, also he did sing over the backing track and performed two acoustic accapella songs! It was just a shame that a few people had to ruin it for the people that were there to actually watch his performance.

Aside from my Bieber rant (SORRY) see what I did there? 😉 I had the most amazing time and myself and my friends were lucky enough to have the most awesome camping neighbours who we spent most of our weekend with. We managed to see alot of acts over the weekend;

Justin Bieber, Rihanna, Sia, Stormzy, Foxes, Bastille, All Saints, Bebe Rexha, Little Mix, David Guetta, among a few…I always think festivals are really worth the money as to pay to see all of the acts you end up seeing individually would be incomprehensible. And I met my favourite beauty instagammer, the amazing Sophie Richardson! @sophiehannahrichardson (Queue fan girling.) I’ve just compiled a a few photos from the weekend below, followed by my blog’s big announcement! 😀 


As can be seen above, I was but a shadow of my formal self by the end of the weekend! (My mum took this picture when collecting me on Monday…)

SO, my blog’s big announcement…As of Thursday 1st September I am very excited to announce I will start VLOGGING. I am in the process of creating my Youtube channel in connection with my blog Custom Made Character and I will be posting once a week on lifestyle, beauty and fashion topics. I would really appreciate support from as many of you as possible in my new venture and don’t worry I will still be posting on my blog at least twice a week! I will be posting more information on my Facebook page over the next few days so please follow me on there to find out more! 🙂

Peace & Love as always xo

Custom Made Character 


Step Into Spring, Runway Style: An Overview

And I’m back! After a crazy few months with my dissertation hand in due I am finally back into the full swing of blogging! (I still have my final major project due but I will do my best to post at least three times a week!)

So, I’m sure If you are a sucker for being in the know on all the latest trends like myself, you have been watching the fashion weeks like a hawk! This post will be a roundup of some of my favourite collections for Spring 2016.







So there it is! My top 6 Runway looks for this Spring. What are your favourite collections from this Spring!? Maybe it’s the same as one of mine above? Let me know in  the comments section below and I’ll get back to you, I’d love to hear from you!

CustomMadeCharacter xoxo


Fancy Dress Party OOTD!

Hey lovelies!

Sorry for the delay in what was meant to be yesterdays post, but I seem to have misplaced my camera (typical me) so I don’t have all the photos for my Halloween ‘creepy doll’ tutorial! 😦 However here is a quick post to keep you going until I hopefully find my camera and put a post up tomorrow! Just in time for a little last minute Halloween make up inspiration  🙂

So Saturday was my friends 21st birthday party and the best kind of parties are always fancy dress! I love fancy dress parties, a time for you to dress up as your favourite character/celebrity. Take a rest from being your fabulous self for the night and be whoever you want to be! And my alter ego for the night was BATWOMAN! A strong, independent, crime fighting woman. Girl Power! Haha This was one of the reasons I decided I wanted to be Batwoman, that and the fact that I have no money and this was a costume my mum already had! Its all about recycling clothes!

My lovely sister was good enough to treat me to getting my makeup done for the party, which I’m always more than appreciative of as she’s great armed with a few brushes and some simple makeup. I unfortunately didn’t get any close ups of the makeup as I wasn’t planning to do a post on it. Although I did get some mid shots, where you can see the eye makeup quite well as it’s so dark and strong. So here are the few photos I managed to snap…Let me know what you think of the outfit and makeup and I would love to see any of your own fancy dress pics and especially fancy dress makeup looks! You could also use this look for Halloween if you want to go for something not so scary and a bit more sexy!

Mwah! Xo

Inspiration for my Batwoman eye makeup

Mid length
batwoman full
Full outfit

Beach photo shoot!

Hey Guys! Hope all is well on this beautiful but chilly August day! So on Wednesday I headed down to Shoebury common beach to to do a little photoshoot. I’ve been wanting to do one at the beach for ages! The overcast weather was perfect for the kind of mood I wanted to portray. So we set off to Shoebury with a choice of three beautiful beaches so close to eachother, but I really loved the ‘Common Beach’ with the pebbled sand and beautifully pastel coloured beach huts, it had to be the one. And even though the winds were pretty cold my amazing sister, who is only fourteen! Modelled for me and powered through the cold to get some great shots! Here are two of my favourite shots….

Final image 1 copyright

Crop top: New Look

Shorts: Primark

Sandals: Ju Ju

Necklace: Models Own

Final image 2 jpeg

Dress: Primark

Sandals: Ju Ju

Handbag: Primark

All photography, styling, makeup, hair and retouching done by mee 🙂

I’m really happy how the pictures turned out especially as we only spent a short while shooting as the batteries kept running out in the camera! The name of the editorial is Holding onto Summer, as a key trend for this Autumn/Winter 2014 is cool shades of pastel. As pastels was one of my favourite trends of Spring/Summer 2014 I decided to use the A/W trend as the basis of my photo shoot. The lack of fluffy cardigans and coats adds to the sense of ‘holding on to summer’.

After we finished shooting, of course we took a while to take in and enjoy the beautiful scenery! Here some pics!

995067_10204901598329869_721966112221772135_n 10420370_10203685469769931_5840535182744755157_n 10561614_10204901600129914_9012220065858015689_n 10616285_10203681649274421_3582991427931079364_n 10629662_10203681649554428_9142050004525290417_n

Wish you were here

Georgia 😀 Xo

Charity Shop Haul!!!

Hi guys!

So this is my first ever ‘haul’ post, so of course it’s got to be a charity shop haul! My obsession with charity shops has slowly grown over the years for three reasons…

Reason 1: I am poor…

Reason 2: I am a student and I am poor…

Reason 3: You can find some amazing gems and almost replicas of pieces in high street stores for a tiny fraction of the price!

So I set of to my local town to change my cash into euros for my holiday to Majorca! (See one of my previous posts for wonderfully cheap holiday high street bargains!) And my mum saw a pretty floral dress in the window of Scope charity shop, so we went in for her to try it on! Whilst I was waiting I couldn’t help but have a look around and I’m glad I did, I found some great little pieces that will be perfect to add to my holiday/Summer wardrobe!

So first of all I found these cute little sheer tank tops, perfect for day or evening and a great material to wear on holiday when it’s going to be so warm! At just £2.00 each! Then whilst rummaging through the rails i was lucky enough to find a lush white peplum skirt (which I have been wanting for some time) for £3.00! And just as I was about to pay A beautiful bright blue top caught my eye in the corner of the shop. And to my surprise it was from River Island, and in great condition! Perfect for a night out on holiday! Here are some pictures of me wearing my charity shop finds. (Sorry for the bad picture quality!)

photo (16) photo 1 photo (10)

So there you have it! My first charity shop haul post and it just goes to show that sometimes you don’t need to spend so much on that perfect tee or skirt when there’s charity shops waiting to be rummaged!

I’d love to know if you’ve found any gem buys at charity stores or if theres any particularly great charity shops to go to, let me know in the comments! Share the lovee 😀

Peaceeeeee! xo.